there are rights and wrongs and in-betweens

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Forget the spreadsheet, here’s an easy flowchart to know if a women owes you sex

Microsoft Excel took a turn for the explicit this week when the Internet learned the once-innocuous office tool was being used in a dispiriting new bro-trend: using the software to track of the number of times their partners refuse sex. Yes, #sexspreadsheets are a thing, presumably because some men still believe that owning of a penis entitles them to unlimited sexy times.

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my self-esteem is like patrick stump’s voice it’s either high as fuck or lower than the pits of hell


Tim McIlrath + smiles

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with nothing to remember, is there nothing left to grieve?

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Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe! (July 23, 1989)

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Les Miserables - West End Live 2014

Soundcheck vs Performance

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Favourite Carrie performances » On My Own from bedroom to stage

Like I said in my ‘Draw My Life’ video, in 2001 I got cast as Young Eponine in Les Misérables in the West End. And that was it. I decided there and then, at eight years old, that I wanted to be an actress and a singer for the rest of my life. (x)